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The 45/N manual packaging machine has recently undergone a notable update, embracing innovation through the integration of advanced electronic management thanks to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the adoption of an intuitive touch screen interface. This technological advancement has radically improved the efficiency and precision of packaging operations.

Among its distinctive features, manual corner packaging machines offer surprising cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of performance. Equipped with a tunnel and a manual sealing arm, these machines stand out for their ability to manage the heat shrinking process in an efficient and practical way. The reopening of the welding arm is managed by a magnet, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

The heart of this system is represented by a single Teflon mesh conveyor belt, designed for the automatic transport of products into the heat shrink tunnel immediately after the sealing phase. This intelligent, automated solution minimizes downtime between different stages of the packaging process, ensuring smooth operational continuity.

The movement of the belt can be managed from the touch screen, available with a forward-forward cycle (entry of the product into the tunnel and exit from the opposite side of the entrance, after retraction) and with a forward-reverse cycle (return of the product to the operator, after retraction in the tunnel). The cycle can be selected from the touch screen.

Electronic management via PLC provides precise and flexible control of packaging operations. Thanks to this system, it is possible to optimize the settings based on the specific packaging needs of the product, ensuring greater adaptability and customization. Additionally, the touch screen interface offers an intuitive user experience, making it easy to program and monitor packaging operations.

This technological evolution not only improves the efficiency of manual packaging machines, but also helps reduce waste, optimizing the use of resources and improving the overall precision of the packaging process. Partial process automation allows operators to focus on quality control and supervision activities, further improving the overall effectiveness of the production chain.

In conclusion, the 45/N manual packaging machine with its recent technological evolution represents a significant step towards more efficient, flexible and precise packaging. This combination of advanced features, reliable electronic management and intuitive user interface positions it as an ideal solution for the packaging needs of various industrial sectors, offering an excellent mix of performance and economic convenience.

45/N manual packaging machine with PLC and touch screen.











NEW 45/N manual packaging machine with PLC and touch screen.

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