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Pactur also offers its customers a choice of refurbished second hand machines, whose availability is obviously variable and is linked to the specific time of the request.
Pactur has been manufacturing shrink film packaging and sealing machines for more than thirty years. Pactur’s filming and packaging machines have always stood out for the solidity of the sheets, the reliability of the components and the refinement of the design.
Therefore, there is still a large fleet of second-hand used shrink-wrapping machines on the market, under the Pactur brand.
In fact, their sturdiness makes them suitable to work for a long time and are rarely discarded. Therefore, our customers appreciate the long life, which our shrink film packaging machines enjoy. The proposals of Used Overhauled and Guaranteed are, therefore, very interesting, because the relationship between price and quality is surprisingly advantageous.

Anyone looking for a refurbished second hand machines of Pactur is looking for a treasure!

The market for heat shrink film sealers and second hand tunnels is further facilitated by the maximum flexibility of our machines.
In fact, the same filming machine can pack various and diversified types of products, thanks to the many optional features, which make it very flexible. This contributes to the increasing revaluation of our used and overhauled machine park. Also important is the competence of our technicians in the management and repair of even the most obsolete models of shrink wrapping machine, possibly out of production.
Pactur has been producing shrink film packaging machines for more than thirty years, so it is taken for granted that some models are no longer current.
Nonetheless, our mechanics and electricians have detailed knowledge of our second-hand packaging machines that date back decades. The competence on the whole range, present and past, and the availability of spare parts, guarantee the reliability of our refurbished second hand machines too. This is the advantage of buying a used packaging machine directly from its own manufacturer.


AUTO 60 with TL/60/B retraction tunnel

A trusted customer of ours offers this second-hand automatic machine at a very attractive price.

Visible line.

Refurbished second hand machines
AUTO 60 with retraction tunnel TL/60/B
Refurbished second hand machines
AUTO 60 with retraction tunnel TL/60/B
Refurbished second hand machines
AUTO 60 with retraction tunnel TL/60/B
Refurbished second hand machines
AUTO 60 with retraction tunnel TL/60/B
If you are interested, please contact us. (see also the new Auto60 Unica)


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