New Concept of the Automatic Packaging Machine for Medium-Large Sizes

Medium-Large Sizes Packaging Machine

Here is an interesting application of packaging with an automatic shrink wrapping machine equipped with a continuous sealer, applied to create Automatic Packaging Machine for Medium-Large Sizes, an alternative to packaging with a semiautomatic and automatic shrinkwrapper.

As you can see in the following video, the products in question are voluminous, heavy, of irregular shape and we commonly see them packed with a shrinkwrapper, which however has the disadvantage that the shrink film does not completely wrap the product and therefore the package is not closed in all its sides.

Although Pactur is also a manufacturer of shrinkwrappers, where it presents a range of semiautomatic shrinkwrappers and automatic shrinkwrappers, in this case it has responded to a specific aesthetic quality requirement of its customer and has created the packaging with an automatic wrapping machine for shrink film, with closing total.

The result is an aesthetically very neat and, in any case, very compact package.

In an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this solution, we must recognize a more laborious handling of the finished package, compared to the package made by a shrinkwrapper, where the side holes of the shrink film facilitate gripping.

On the other hand, we highlight two important advantages of packaging with an automatic continuous welder machine for shrink film: the aesthetic result, already highlighted above, and the significant productivity of this type of automatic machines.

For the sake of completeness of information, it should be added that the maximum height of the product represents a discriminating parameter: if this data exceeds 300 √∑ 350 mm, the semiautomatic or automatic shrinkwrapper machine becomes the only packaging solution within the range. of Pactur wrapping machines.

Another, not negligible, advantage of the continuous sealer packaging machine and its completely closed packaging (closed as the film is sealed on three sides and folded on one side) is the inviolability of the product: if the package is intact, if the film does not show signs of breakage or holes, it means that the product contained cannot have been touched in any way or partially removed.

Finally, the automatic packaging machine with lateral rotating sealer and transverse sealing bar achieves high productivity, thanks to the sliding speed of the longitudinal sealing wheels, synchronized with the speed of the conveyor belts and film unwinding and thanks to the rapid guillotine movement of the bar. transversal sealing, whose opening is adjustable, according to the height of the product.


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Automatic Packaging Machine for Medium-Large Sizes
Auto 80L automatic packaging machine

Automatic Packaging Machine for Medium-Large Sizes

Auto 80L automatic packaging machine

Automatic Packaging Machine for Medium-Large Sizes

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