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The Shrink tunnels produced by Pactur are available in different sizes (TL/30, TL/70 and TL/80); the choice depends on the size of the products, which must be shrink wrapped.

Within the range of shrink tunnels, there are three available versions for each model:

– teflon mesh conveyor belt

– conveyor made of silicon coated metal bars;

– metal mesh conveyor belt.

These different versions allow the shrink tunnel to fit various product and various kinds of film.

The advantages of heat-shrink packaging do not end with aesthetics: the main features of the transparent, shrink film are high mechanical strength, good transparency and affordable costs.

For example, for light and irregularly shaped products, teflon mesh belt is suitable. On the other hand, if the result of the the finished, packed product must be aesthetically remarkable, with a perfect shrinkage also on the bottom of the product, the most convenient solution is the tunnel with silicon coated bar belt.

On the other hand, when the used film is polyethylene, when  products are heavy and packaging has only a protection purposes, the suitable technical answer is the metal mesh belt version.

The shrink film reacts to high temperature, which reduces about 50% of its initial size, by getting tight to the wrapped product. After cooling, the film retains its new shape.

This process allows the packaging of single, as well as multiple products. Products are sealed in plastic film (neutral or printed) bags, which, after shrinkage, adhere to the product, thus following its shape . Thermo-shrinking is particularly suitable both for food items and for other kinds of products (graphical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products, etc.), it allows a complete closure of the plastic film, guaranteeing protection from external agents and unwanted openings of the packages.

A limitation of the shrink wrap is that, once opened, the bag is no longer resealable and reusable, because the film is broken. This limit becomes an advantage if we read it as a guarantee of the inviolability of the product: intact film = inviolate product.

The shrink tunnels are entirely produced by Pactur.

Heat-shrinking tunnels

Pactur heat-shrinking tunnels are very powerful, which grants high shrink quality and capacity.

This quality result is achievable thanks to the powerful ventilation, which spreads the hot air all over the product surface very homogeneously.

These heat-shrinking tunnels are produced both with independent control and with control from the automatic packaging machine PLS.

In the case of independent control, they are obviously equipped with a control panel for the adjustment of the three main functions: temperature, conveyor speed and ventilation speed. Whereas, in case of control from the machine, its functions are adjustable from the machine touch screen, where they can also be memorized.

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