Packaging machines for parquet boards

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Packaging machines for parquet boards

Parquet is one of the most popular home floors in Italy and abroad, and also one of the most beloved. A room with parquet is warm, elegant and refined, because wood gives every room a comfortable and classy look. Furthermore, no floor looks like the other, because the wood characteristics vary from board to board, and can be mixed in ever new and pleasant geometries, making the customization opportunities almost infinite.

The widespread use of parquet in the building field is in fact due to the beauty and versatility of wood: just think about how many types of wood there are on the market and how much the appearance of a room can change depending on the choice of the parquet. .

For the floating installation, pre-finished boards are used, with cut edges to create the classic male-female attachment, a sort of joint like a puzzle. They are installed on an existing floor, after using a mat of insulating material to level the support surface.

The first advantage is immediately evident: thanks to the interlocking mechanism, no nails or glues are required for installation. This means that this type of installation is not only  economical, but also eco-sustainable: without the use of artificial adhesives, in fact, the environment and the quality of the air inside your home are better respected. The second advantage is the speed and simplicity of the installation itself: floating parquet boards can be positioned in short time and without difficulties. Hence the economic advantage: without manpower and solid wood, the price of your parquet will drop significantly.

Our automatic continuous side seal packaging machines for shrink film are suitable for almost all shapes of parquet boards. Four models are available in our range, with different widths, in order to pack almost any kind of wooden board: from the profiles to a 850 mm wide axis.
Thanks to the side rotary sealer, our machines pack any length of product, therefore they can package boards from the shortest to the longest size, even with a length of several meters.
Moreover, they use both Polyolefin (PO) and Polyethylene (PE) films, therefore they meet any requirement, both for an aesthetic package and for a strong, tough protection package.
Here is a video, showing one of the continuous side sealer models, Auto 60/L, in operation.

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